Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making Tutoring Affordable

 With end of year evaluations or testing coming, I know that so many of you, whether you home school or not are scrambling for math tutors, reading tutors, or writing tutors for your children. Unfortunately this can be a cost burden that many of us just can not afford.
The facts are that tutoring can be just what your child is needing to get over those learning hurdles but, if you can not afford to hire someone or maybe your child needs help for a extended period of time, then what do you do?
Online tutoring can be just what you may be looking for! Its easily accessible, affordable and can be used when ever and for how ever  long you want .
I know that using the Internet has really help my kids reach thier full potential in our home school class room ;)

Just my 2cents~> Hope it helps!

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