Saturday, June 4, 2011


So I just found a Fun way to help step learning to read & write up a bit in a fun way for the kids. I found this cool Unscramble games for the kids to play. The object of Unscramble is to rearrange the letters to form each of your spelling or vocabulary words. The Spelling City site has many word list to choose from. Since me son is still at the Kindergarten level this game is really not for him just yet but, my daughter is entering 4th grade so it is a perfect for her : ') 
 So if you if your wanting to add a lil bit to your reading & writing routine, I would defiantly give this a try! It really challenges the kids in a fun way to figure out thier spelling words. It is one thing for a child to read a word from site and write a word from memory but, to solve a word mystery that is just Cool!

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