Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I'm still in love

Have any of you every sat back and really thought, why do I love my home school curriculum?
I mean we choose what we use for our kids for a reason right? Since the year has pulled to a close I have been thinking about our past year of school studies and kinda had a bit of ah ha moment so to speak.
Like with my son he is only 4 but doing kinder level work ((so proud)), I love how my online program lets him work at his own pace. It seems that no matter where we go nowadays he is counting things or pointing out shapes etc... I also love their remedial reading programs they offer since this is my daughters weakest area, she had come so far from when we first started using this program :_)
Another thing I love is it allows my kids to work with or without adult supervision. I can help when and if I am needed, this allows me more time so that I can plan other home school activity's to add to our learning, since I do not ave to grade papers or figure out lessons sigh.... : )
 The best thing I have to say I love is the Price & the month to month commitment! I'm not wealthy and I can not blow money on book type of curriculum that may or may not work ~> been there done that I have a whole grade level of Abeka in the trash :(    Another thing that I realised I love was the T4L forums, being able to go and get tips,help or just some support from other parents doing what I am doing is priceless to me. Honestly even thou I have 4 years to go with my oldest before I will need to look for another curriculum ( they only go to 8th grade) I am still wondering how am I going to find anything that compares, Guess that's what happens to us Curriculum snobs when we find the best lol ;)
Just my 2cents for the day.............

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