Friday, April 8, 2011

Home-school Newbie

I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday and she has a lil boy who just turned  4yrs old this past month. She was telling me how she was not wanting to enroll her child next yearr in public or private school. She knew we home-schooled so as you can imagine she had TONS of question for me lol ;) The funny thing is I never seem to get tired about talking about this subject~> It was a good thing too we talked for about 2 hours!!!!
She was a bit nervous about her ability and social skills for her child ( every Newbies Fears!! )
I think that we have be brain washed growing up to think a certain way about school and education and I myself used to be just like her until I realised that kids are like lil sponges and they love to learn if you make it fun. I suggested to just start  doing some preschool games with her boy next year and then if she wanted she could add to it after she gained some confidence...
I think she felt better after our chat and I think she will make a Great Home-school Momma!!!

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