Friday, November 15, 2013

Co-op Days & Leaf Turkey's

Yesterday, while taking my children to their local Co-op group, I met a new family that had recently joined. They were just getting started homeschooling and the "Mom" was asking tons of "how to" questions.

Example: What are homeschool requirements, what curriculum do you use, how many hours a day, week, etc., do you devote to lesson's??? She was litterly hanging on, every answer to her question, soaking it in like a sponge.  It made me remember back, when I first began homeschooling myself.
I too, was at a loss of what, how, etc. It's funny how fast we go from being nervous newbies, to confident veteran's ;)

In other homeschooling news, we had loads of Fun this week doing "Thanksgiving" themed craft. Below is one of my favorites.

                                                                 "Leaf Turkey's"

What you need:
1. Leaves ( you can also cut out paper leaves if preferred)
2. Construction paper: color's Brown, Orange, Red, and One in the color of your choice.
3. Google eyes (optional)
4. Glue
1. Take children out side to hunt for leaves ( if preferred, you can cut out leaves from paper to use)
2 Cut out two circles, one bigger then the other.
3. Cut out turkey feet in Brown or orange
4. Cut out a small triangle in orange for beak.
5. Cut out Turkey wattle in red.
6. Paste "leaves" on the colored paper of choice.
7. Paste smaller brown circle on the bottom center of the leaves.
8. Paste larger brown circle underneath the smaller brown circle.
9. Paste the turkey's legs under the larger brown circle.
10. Finish by pasting the eyes (can use a marker, etc. to draw eyes if preferred), beak, and wattle on the smaller brown circle.

                            Voila! Leaf Turkey complete!


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Kat said...

Always love seeing what neat crafts ideas you're going to post! Thanks for sharing again! :D


Anonymous said...

I love all the crafts you share on your blog now. :o)