Sunday, November 3, 2013

November is Here!

                           It 's Official!     has arrived!
                                               Seems like October just began doesn't it?
I hope everyone had a Fun, Safe, and Spooky Halloween. As usual, my kids got tons of candy and I got a day to recover, from all that walking, ouch!   
Seriously, though, it was a Fun night for all. Plus, we have been enjoying the yummy rewards, the past couple of days ~> 


On the Homeschool front, Since it is Sunday, we have yet to start any November themed lessons. Thankfully, our local Co-op is doing a unit on Pilgrims, etc. The extra homeschool help will defiantly be nice this month. Beside learning about the first Thanksgiving, etc. this month, I am planning on taking advantage of the Fall season and do a Fall weather lesson as well.

In addition, this month, my children will also be busy preparing for a Christmas Play! The play will be the first week of December. They are Super excited!
My oldest has been in a play once before, but it was several years ago and she had only one line.
This play, she has a pretty decent part to remember.
 For my youngest, however, this will be his first play :) 
                                                               Until Next Time...

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Kat said...

Gah! Where did October go, lol?!

Hope you have a great November... :)