Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brave-ing homeschool Math Fractions

We have been Brave-ing alot of fraction lessons this past week for our homeschool math. Even my youngest who is only 5 years old has been participating. Where as my daughter has been learning number fractions my son has been doing more hands on. For instants, I took a banana and asked him if this was a whole banana or a piece of banana? He would say whole. I would then cut it in half and say half a banana or whole? He would answer half, etc... I went on to place a whole banana, then a half and then a quarter and asked him to tell me which was which. He loved this fraction lesson as he got to eat the banana's after it was done! He is mommy's lil monkey :)

Speaking of being "Brave" , we are getting ready to go see the Movie Brave! My daughter already has the Meredith doll and the Ds Brave game (which included one free movie pass ). So, the next thing is to actually go watch the movie! I will give my thoughts and my children's thoughts about the Movie next week, so stayed tuned!

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I love concrete, visual, math.

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