Friday, July 27, 2012

Free haircuts, Great deals & Games O'My!

One of the best things I love and my children I am sure, about homeschooling, is being able to teach and have fun at the same time. Learning games is one of the ways I accomplish that! Playing games like Scrabble, hang man, online games, ABC games, root word games, etc...  Just makes school so much more fun ;)

On another homeschooling note, I have been doing some major stocking up on school supplies. With all these sales going on, I have been buying a lot of Crayon boxes, crayons, pencils, markers, paper, glue, folders, binders, flash cards, work books,etc, etc..  I just love taking advantage of such Great deals. I can not wait till tax free time so I can REALLY save some money !

Speaking of good deals ~> Apparently, JCPenney, during the month of August is offering FREE hair cuts to all K-6th Graders.

This FREE offer is available by appointment only, so I’d recommend calling very soon to book your appointment.

Unit next time...

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