Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it August already?

~ Above cartoon is Funny, but also very true! ~

Is it August already?! Can not believe my Summer semester is almost over. For anyone who is new to my Blog, I have been taking some college classes. Sometimes I have a hard time believing I have been in college for a year now. Seems like just yesterday I began. What is more unbelievable is I still have about 2 more years left!!!! Still, nothing life worth having is every easy, now is it?

On the "Home" school front ~> My daughter has really been doing wonderfully with her online math. She keeps asking me, "Mom! Can I just do Math today?"  I just love that :)
I also have started focusing on teaching her the Presidents and the United States. I bought these great flash cards from Office Max. They were about $4 a piece. Every day I give her a president and the state he was born in ( When I have done all the states that go with the presidents I plan to move on to the the rest of the states). We have been doing this a week and so far it has been going great! I also found these learning games to go with it called Place the State. It is a really a neat free game to help reinforce what I am already doing.

~>Don't forget to take your kids to get their free haircuts at JCPenney this month (K-6th) and of course the Tax free weekend if that applys to your state.

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