Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Time

Well, for many of us it is back to school time. Whether you attend public school, private school, home-school or a college, many are getting ready for a brand new year.
Even though we school year-round we are also preparing to begin another year as we just completed our yearly school evaluations. Not only are my children starting on their next year's schooling material, I am also preparing for my new semester of college.

On our home-school front, for anyone who is curious about our plans~>

For my youngest who is at a Kindergarten level, we are focusing on learning to read this year. We will also be focusing on adding and maybe some subtraction, etc. My oldest, who is going into the 5th Grade, will be doing some review of her multiplication and division and will be focusing on reading chapter books and writing book reports this year. She also will continue to learn about the president and the US states, etc. We will also be using Time4learning online program for both of our children's core and adding some great unit studies that I am learning how to create on my own (they will be interest based)

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Kerry said...

Boy do I love the "learning to read" stage!!! I adore watching those letters and sounds finally click together. Magic!! :)