Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a May update

So I have some Amazing news!!!!!! I found out that I passed my Algebra!!!!! I know, I know! I said I failed. I was wrong :)  See, I was told I would need pretty much an A on my final to pass. I figured what are the chances of this happening.. Well, it did! Now don't get me wrong I got a C in the class, and pretty much passed by 2 points, but I don't care :) Just so Very very thankful and happy!

On other news I have had Vertigo all day, as I am typing the room is wobbly and I am getting flash backs of when I was preggers (no I am not preggers lol ) I have had this before and much worse, this episode isn't to bad, but I am hoping to be better by tomorrow ((praying))

On the school front, we have been pretty busy! It has just been so hot here in Florida, that staying indoors has been the way to go. The kids have been doing a lot of their homeschooling of course online: context games, art games, etc .. Next week will be a change however, I am starting a new unit study on every thing Florida. Sure to be alot of Fun. I am looking forward to learning about the Beach, hurricane's, etc. Visiting local zoo's, aquariums and did I mention the Beach?!

So anyways, I am going to cut it short tonight since I am having a hard time typing with my room spinning.... G'night everyone :)


Karen said...

Listen, I remember passing Algebra by the skin of my teeth...



Kerry said...

Hope the room stopped spinning for you quickly!! I had vertigo for 2 months straight once and it was one of the most stressful things ever. Ugh!! BIG congrats on the Algebra exam!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies!!! :)

@ Kerry~>Yes!Vertigo is not fun :( I could not imagine having it for 2 months eekkk!!! That would be so awful. Luckly this last episode lasted only 3 days. Just wish I knew why it happens...