Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zoo day

I love Spring! Of course here in Florida it feels more like Summer (Yep! It's Hot) So, before are temps decide to stay in the high 90's permanently, I decided I would enjoy the balmy 80-90ish degree weather that is still accompany by some breeze and take my kiddies to the Zoo.

 It was such a blast! :) It had been soooooo long since we had went, about 2 years ((blush)) My favorite animals are the elephant and giraffes.
This zoo we went to, had it where for a couple of dollars you could actually feed a giraffe!

I think these animals are so unique and beautiful. My son loved the monkeys

 where as my daughter was more into all the reptiles eekkkk!!! Snakes are not my favorite :(

Thankfully the zoo was pretty close by, so we were able to get there pretty early before the heat started to really set in. Still it got pretty hot, so we only stayed for a few hours.
When we got home, I thought that I would take advantage and incorporate the zoo into some learning. I mean the kids had already learned so much by visiting and getting to see and learn about all these animals, so why not add to that, right? So the next day, I decided to have them play some animal games online and for our art curriculum, I had them paint their favorite animal( I bet you can guess  what they each painted ;)   ). For my oldest, I also had her write a small report on the animal: what they eat, where they live, etc. For my son, I just had him tell me all he could remember from our day at the zoo.
In end it was a fun family fun day. Yes! we will be going back, but not until the cool weather of winter hits though lol ;)

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