Sunday, April 15, 2012

School work Sunday

Today was defiantly a busy school day for us. My self and my kids! Still we all managed to get all our work done and had some fun too ;-)

For myself, my spring semester is drawing to an end. This of course means many, many, many finals and last minute projects to do. Whew! so much to do and so little time lol. Math homework is done, some last minute tweaks on my journal for speech class is done, online quizzes for English almost done and one of my last essays for English almost done.

Now for my kiddos, they were pretty busy too! I made some neat alphabet flashcards with my flashcard maker for my lil man and printed out tons of printable games for my mini me :)  Lately, I have also have been having my daughter do some review ( I think it is important to go back and have them redo work that they have already learned, it helps reinforce and give confidence IMO )
So she practiced her addition and subtraction and enjoyed some computer time on Time4Learning as did my son.

Until next time...

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