Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hi Everyone!

So, I found a way to incorporate my kids learning software with regular reading books! ~> What I have started to do last week is I am letting my kids pick out books that they want to read, then as they read them, if there are any words they do not know I have them copy them on a sheet of paper. I also go through the book and pick random words and ask them to try and spell them, if they can not, then I write them on a sheet of paper. Then I get online and go to one of my fav free sites, Spelling City!!! I love how I can take those words and just plug them in and have the kids do games, test, etc. My favorite game on the site is their fill in the blank, love it ;)

On another note, I am so excited!!! I am starting my summer classes Monday :) I know you are thinking why? lol! I don't know, even as a little kid I always got excited about first day of school. Of course after a few days, I am always like, when will it be over!!??  The nice thing about this summer however, is I am only taking a couple of classes. I just decided that I wanted to take a break, but still wanted to at least get some of my classes out of the way. Plus, I am taking them all online, which is nice. I have never taken classes online, but people tell me that they are pretty easy, let's hope!

         Finally, I want to wish a "Early" Happy Mother's Day to all of the Super Momma's out there !


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Kerry said...

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