Friday, May 25, 2012

Test Anxiety

We all have been there at one time or another. You have been studying, working hard to learn your school work. You think you are ready and then when it is time to take your test, the dreaded ANXIETY Monster shows up and POOF! All the stuff you had learned is all gone. Whether it be: history anxiety, math anxiety, science anxiety, etc. The results are still the same unfortunately...
My children have so far been okay with dealing with this issue, mainly because we do not do any standardized testing ( we do end of year teacher evaluations) and I try to limit tests in our home to a minimum. So why am I talking about test anxiety then? Well, for one I know that there are others dealing with issue, also I know that one day my children may deal with this issue, and I have recently dealt with this issue.  For example, just last semester I was learning math facts for my Algebra class. I studied and studied, but when it came to being formally tested, my mind would go blank! It was so frustrating because I knew that I knew how to do the work,  but being put on the spot and fear of failure almost made me fail the class. So, before I took my end of class final I googled, "ways to deal with test anxiety". If I had a shot at passing I knew I had to conquer my test anxiety, plus I wanted to know how to help my children if they ever developed this problem. Luckily I found this website, It really helped me and I hope it might also help you or your children too!
~>Overcoming test anxiety

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