Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just my weekly update

Hi Everyone!
                      So, the past couple of days have been pretty busy for us. My daughter just finished up her Softball season ( All the girls on her team did so well! ) They celebrated with a pool party at a local public pool. This was the first time I had every been or taken my kids to a public pool. Now yes, we have went to water parks, hotel pools and the campground's pool that we have stayed at and I guess technically those are public, but I mean like a city's public pool where you pay so much a person to swim. I had imagined all kinds of things, not sure why I thought it would not be nice? When we got there I was pleasantly surprised! It was really, really nice ;) Kids had a blast! And I had a good time my self. It made me wish I would have taken advantage of these public pools sooner. I will defiantly, from now on, check into public pools along our travels.

I also took both of my kids for haircuts. They were both in need! My daughter wanted it super short! A chin length bob. I think the heat of the summer is getting to her as my son and me! My son also got his hair cut pretty short ( I like the messy med short surfer look for him, but today he got a big boy very short cut) ~>I am also considering hacking off my hair.. It is pretty long, mid way down my back, but again like my kids the heat is getting to much and the thought of short hair is so nice.. Just kinda scared, never had short hair before ((blush)) lol!

On the Homeschooling front, not too terribly much this week. My niece however, has been swamped with work! My sister, her mother, tells me she is getting ready for end of year testing! ( she homeschools as well, but her family does testing where as I do teacher evaluations) She has been really stressing over the essay writing for standardized tests she has to do. I can relate since I just finished my English comp class for college... This is why I prefer evaluations over testing, just less stressful IMO. However, I can also see why some choose to use standardized tests.

Anyways, that's about all that has been going on this past week, until next time,
Happy Homeschooling!

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Kerry said...

Mine's been shoulder-length short for about the last 3-4 months now, and I'm still liking the ease of care, I gotta say!! :)