Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is it that Time already?

So, I am hoping everyone had a Fun & Safe Halloween! Our family had a Great time! We do dress up and Trick or Treat. My daughter was a Pirate and my son a Power Ranger. I was a chauffeur lol ;)

I can hardly believe it is already November ?! We have already had the first of many cold snaps, Bbbbrrrrrr!!! isn't even the word! I know depending on where you live, snow may already be in your area or the lucky few that are still in shorts. Still, no matter where you live the climate is changing for all of us. Of course there are some who love traveling, some who homeschool while doing so. We call this Roadschooling. I am one of those. However, I am not really mobile at the moment due to a class I had to take on campus. Still, I like to share this link with you to help get you ready to Winterize your Rv travels ~>

Also here is a Great Website for anyone who is already, or fixing to, or just preparing to homeschool highshool child(ren).

Until next time...

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