Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Most people around the world know exactly what tomorrow is ~> Thanksgiving!!!
Depending on what your family traditions are, many may be traveling to visit loved ones, or preparing for visitors them selves. Or some may be busy shopping for a wonderful feast made just for their own immediate families:  Mom, Dad, and children. No matter how you celebrate this Holiday, the one thing that we all have in common is wanting to be together. To be around a beautiful table, filled with food,  made with loving care and enjoying one another's company.

In my family we will be celebrating just by ourselves: myself, husband and children. I will be preparing a wonderful dinner and with plenty of help from my Lil chef's I am sure ;) There will be Turkey, dressing, rolls, plenty of vegis, and deserts galore! Yummy!
We eat early, around 2pm. I love this because it gives all of us a chance to enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner all over again, with left overs, later that evening.

We have a few traditions that we like to do every year. Besides the dinner, we play nature games, like pin the feather on the turkey. Of course being a homeschooling family, we also love taking the time to do a brief discussion about how Thanksgiving began.

After all is done for the day and children are getting ready for bed, another tradition that I sometimes do, is Black Friday Shopping!!!! Last year was a nightmare. I always say I will never do it again, but the lure of awesome deals are hard to pass up. I am trying to refrain this year, not sure if I can stop myself though . Wish me Luck!

Until Next time ~> Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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