Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Starting a Blog


I know many of my readers are wondering how to go about startinga blog; or maybe you already have one, but have a hard time figuring out what to say. Today I am going to share with you a few tips to get you started.
First things first! You have to decide what you are going to talk about. What is your blog going to be about? Are you going to have a specific topic like, homeschooling; or are you going to talk about all kinds of different things. Either way it is okay, as long as you are enjoying your blog, then you are doing it correctly.

Be consistent! People like to know that their favorite blog is going to post updates regularly.  Now I do not think it needs to be daily, or even weekly, but at least once a month. If your readers are being disappointed when they visit your blog, because there is never nothing new to read, they will eventually stop visiting.

 Pictures! They really help add that extra something to your posts. Don't want to share your personal photos? Well, that is okay because there are so many free photos you can use on the web to get your message across.


Be honest! There is no need to exaggerate, or create stories (Unless you have created some sort of blog about stories you have created) for your blog. In my opinion, blogs are to share your life, your adventures, whatever they may be. Life isn't always exciting, but there is still a lot to share and learn from even the dullest day.

 Finally your blog layout, I know you’re thinking that this should be at the top of my list, but really the decor of your page is the least important. If the content in your blog is not there, than your page is nothing more than Art. Yes! I think making it pleasing to the eye is good and taking the time to do so is something I recommend, but even if your page is a bit plain, I promise that as long as you put your Heart into your words, your blog will be far from well, plain!

 Until next time...

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