Saturday, January 25, 2014

Is it Saturday already?!

Have you ever had one of those weeks. You know where it seems like you never sit down and there is always something or some one that needs your attention. Well, that was my kind of week! I have been so Super busy, that I feel like it should be Wednesday, instead of Saturday! The good thing about weeks like that, is usually the following week feels a lot slower, even if it's your normal routine ;)

In Home-Schooling news, my oldest has been learning how to break down lager Math problems, into smaller ones. A skill that will help her as she progresses into Middle/ High Grade level and of course College. Hard to believe she is almost in middle schooler. I have already been already preparing for next year lesson's. In fact, I already found a Great middle school writing program.
My youngest has been hard at work too, learning all of his sounds. Today, I found some free educational games (apps), off our new Samsung Smart TV. Love that TV :)

                  Until Next Time...

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