Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014


So, it has finally arrived, 2014 is here! Our family, celebrated like many, I am sure.We all stayed up to watch the ball drop on TV.

My daughter asked, like many years before, when we will go to New York and see it in person. I then, always give her the same answer; When you grow up, you can go :)
We also have a tradition, that we do every year, we play games. This year was CLUE. We also buy sparking grape "pretend" champagne to drink and of course
Yell!        & give each other a Kiss!

Afterwards, before we get ready for bed, we sit and talk about what our New Year's Resolution's will be.
Mine is, to decided what I want to be, when I grow up.  I have been going back to college for a couple of years now and I planned on a Degree in OTA, but I am now wondering if that is the best route for me to go, career wise. So, I am taking a break to figure out what my next step will be.

My husband, his was to get more rest, like he needs any more ;)  

My daughter's was to see China McClain in concert.

My son's is, learning to read. He is doing really well for his age, and is not far off from it, but not there yet.
So, this next year, I will be carving out some extra time for more reading lesson time, in our homeschooling schedule ;)

Until Next Time...

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Linda said...

I like the idea of playing games. We watched the ball drop (Eastern time) but we are in central time, so we were killing an hour and got so carried away talking that we missed the actual midnigh central time by 4 minutes!! I have a resolution to be more patient with my daughter. Quite frankly, that will take all the energy I have for resolutions so that one is it!! Happy New Year!