Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Silk Worms are better than Math!

Have you ever had a lesson planned out  & ready to go. Then your child asks you what/why something was? Next thing you know, your on the Internet finding any info you can locate, about what ever they are curious about.

That my Reader's, is what happened for me today ;)

After Breakfast, my youngest who is 6 years old, asked why his skin was soft like mine and not like his Dad's, which is a bit rougher than mine. So, I went on to explain that his skin texture was like mine and he was also still young and as he ages, it may become less soft. That in fact, it had already changed some. "When you were a baby", I told him. Your skin was so soft, it felt like Silk.

Silk? What is silk he then asked. Then and there started our Homeschooling Day!  
 Today, we would focus on animal lessons about Silk Worms. Don't you just love how flexiable a Homeschool day can be?

I Googled of course and found some educational videos and informative websites about Silk and the Silk worms. It was very interesting!
I did not know that Silk has been around for over 5,000 years or that people eat the pupa out of the silk cocoon.
                                             ((My son thought this was VERY gross, lol))

I never really understood why the cost of Silk was so much, but after seeing how much goes into farming these bugs, I now understand.
((This video isn't a bit hard to understand, but gives some insight.))
 After we finished our lesson on Silk, my son said, " Mom, learning about Silk Worms is way better than doing Math." LOL! Kids, you gotta Love their honesty ;)

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