Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall is STILL Here!

I hope everyone, else has been enjoying the start, of this new Fall Season. We defiantly have! Even though it is still pretty warm, where we are, the temperatures have dropped some and there is a nice breeze outside.
This week, we have been having tons of Fun, with our Schooling. I have started a Fall Unit Study, Fall themed Spelling words, and incorporated of course plenty of learning games like sentence match, memory match, etc.
 In my opinion, the best part about this time of year, is all the Fun crafts we get to do. I think, I enjoy doing them, more then my kids do. Lol! So, what was one of the crafts we have done this week?

                                      Scarecrow plate face

What you need:
1. White paper plates
2. Construction paper:
3. Bow ( or you can make one out of paper )
4. Crayons, colored paper, markers
5. Tape or glue

1.Prepare by cutting these shapes out of the construction paper ( if you do not have colored paper, you can color plain white paper the color needed:

 yellow- Cut it into several strips to look like straw & cut into a sunflower shape.
 brown-  Cut into a triangle and rectangle. Shape the triangle by cutting the very tip off. Shape the rectangle by rounding and cutting slits on the top and curving the bottom.  Draw " # " on both piece.
orange-  cut a small triangle for the nose.
dark brown- cut a round circle to fit inside the sunflower shape.
any color-  Cut to look like a bow ( you can also use a real bow or use any material to make a bow. )

2. Have your child color the plate to look like scarecrow skin.

                                 Now the Fun begins!

3.Have your child pick what color construction paper, they want to put their Scarecrow face plate on.

4.Glue/tape the plate to the paper.
5.Glue/tape about 1/2 of the "straw" to the top of the head.
6.Put the hat together. First glue/tape the triangle piece to the backside of rectangle shaped section.
7.Flip over the hat, and glue/tape the remaining "straw" around the bottom and side of the rectangle section of the hat and also put some coming out of the top of the rectangle, where the tip had been cut off.
8.Then glue/tape the hat to the top of the head.

9.Then glue the dark brown circle to the yellow sunflower cut out.
10.Then glue/tape the sunflower you have created to the hat.

11.Glue/tape the orange triangle to the center of the plate.

                                  Your almost done!

12.Then take a crayon, colored pencil, or marker and draw 2 eyes and a mouth.
13.Lastly, attach your Bow to the bottom center of the plate.

 Viola! You have created you Scarecrow plate face craft :)

Until Next Time...


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