Saturday, September 7, 2013

One of those Days!

Today is one of those, I wish I could stay in bed days. I am just sooooo Sleepy, Yawn!

Of course, when you have children, that hardly ever comes true.
 So, up I am. Tired, but that is what Caffeine is for!

 I love my children and I love our lifestyle. Still, I can not pretend that when the day comes when I can sleep in till whenever, spend my days doing whatever; there is a small part that is thinking that will be nice. I will no longer have early mornings, homeschooling days filled with teaching ABC's, Electrical Energy, Math, Clouds, Oceans, States, etc. etc. etc... 

Still, I wouldn't trade this moments for anything! This time is precious, even when I am tired ;) Yes, I am looking forward to seeing my kids grow up and see who they will one day become. Yes, I am going to enjoy having "ME" time again, but I am also not rushing to get there.

So, for today I am going make my 2nd cup of Energy and Enjoy my busy day of being a Mother :)

Until Next Time...

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Anonymous said...

I am drinking that extra cup of Coffee with you!