Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall is here!

                                      It is Hard to believe that Summer is over, but it is!

 Is Here!
Personally, I enjoy the Fall Season most. Maybe it is because I grew up in Florida, and there,  the Fall and Winter Seasons were considered the more enjoyable months, weather wise. In Florida, Summer can bring some very uncomfortably high temps, loads of humidity, and storms. Some people may enjoy this, but me, not so much. That is why, I am very much looking forward to the cool winds, changing of the leaves, pumpkins, Turkey, etc. !
I must admit, that I am so ready for the Fall Season, that we have already started decorating and doing Fall crafts this past week. The first crafts, we have done,  is make pumpkins out of plates. They are really pretty simple to make. They are Great for little ones and older ones.

How to make Paper plate Pumpkins-

Items needed:
White paper plates
Construction paper
tape or glue
crayons, markers, etc.

You can either take your coloring utensils and color the plates orange, then either draw the eyes, nose, and mouths on or you can cut out the face shapes and glue/tape them on. If you rather, you can also cut out an orange circle and glue/tape to the pate to give the pumpkin's color. Don't for get to cut out a stem to put on it!
Once finished, hang where you would like.

Besides the Fall Crafts, we also have been learning about science, nature games, and of course we have touched briefly on the different Seasons of the year. Field trips this week have been to a local State Park. There we enjoyed a guided nature walk by Park Ranger. The kids really enjoyed it!

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Kat said...

I loooove fall! Being able to drag out my hoodies is my favorite fall tradition, lol. :)

Cute pumpkin idea! Thanks for sharing! :)