Saturday, February 9, 2013


Going to the Circus is one of those childhood events that most of us have experienced growing up. Unfortunately, I nor my husband had. I have always wanted to, but just never had been taken, or took it upon myself, to take myself. So, when my son's Birthday was almost here, I just knew that this would be a perfect way to celebrate.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to indeed find a Circus traveling though my area. The Circus we attended was called the UniverSoul Circus and it was Amazing!
We chose to splurge and get front row seats ( they were not box seats, but was the 1st row in the isle area as I was informed were the best).

This Circus was defiantly created to entertain all ages and had a lot of great music and acts through out the show. One of my most favorite part of the Circus was that right before it began. The circus offered, for a fee of course, Elephants rides!!!!! I will admit I was hesitant at first. My children, however, were ready to climb that Elephant like it was a pony lol!  However, since I had never rode one before ((Shocking I know, lol)) and my son was still what I consider young, I decided to ride this BIG beast with them ;)
 Now let me tell you, the ridge of that animals spine, the sensation of the soft muscle tissue moving as the Elephant breath and moved underneath you was a bit unsettling. To be honest, after  the first lap of the arena I almost got off, but since my kids were having such a great time I chose to take a deep breath and just let all my fears go. I decided that I would not allow myself to let my fears ruin this experience. So, I stayed on and enjoyed the final lap of our ride. It was defiantly one of those " Once in a lifetime opportunities". If I ever have a chance to ride an Elephant again, I will defiantly do it ;~ )

Once the show began, it was very entertaining to say the least! They had tight-rope walkers, contortionist , clowns, Magic acts, and of course animal shows. The Elephants were my favorite part. they had one sit on its bottom and beg almost like a dog. They had another stand on these piers while another Elephant crawled underneath it, ect, ect, ect!
I tell you what, even though this was not supposed to be a homeschooling field trip, the kids still learned so much by just being so up close with the Elephants. They were defiantly eager to learn more. So, I have taken the topic of "Elephants" and have been running with it. Not very hard to create your own Unit Study. Just "Google" Elephants and you will find so much info on them. Like that they can live up to age 70 yrs. I also of course printed some crafts and coloring sheets and made up some handwriting worksheets, etc. for them to do. So, if you have never been to a Circus you should defiantly Go!

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Celena Marie said...

I LOVE the circus! Taking my kiddos in June when Barnum and Bailey's comes to town. Thanks for finding my homeschool blog so I could find yours! :)

Kat said...

How cool! I haven't been to the circus in more than 20 years...and my boys have never been. Your blog has inspired me to see if I can find one around us...

Thanks! :D