Thursday, January 31, 2013

Learning to Write

Today in class, one of my fellow students asked our Professor why he was no longer practicing medicine. Why he was now teaching our Anatomy class. I loved his answer! He said, " Instead of retiring, I chose to continue to share my gift with others, just in a different way." I totally understood  what he meant, as I am currently tutoring a relative. She is 14 years old and learning to write has been difficult for her. When it comes to school I have always felt that people had their strength  and weaknesses. For myself I have also done well in writing. So, I did not mind helping. Plus, like my Professor said, I now have the opportunity to share my gift and help her develop her own love for writing ;)

  ((If you are not able to teach or if you have no one who can help, there are some great online writing tutor out there)). 

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Kat said...

Love that answer that your professor gave!

Glad you are able to help out your relative... :)