Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our 2013 day to day

With it now officially 2013, we are now back into our  day to day. For our family, this now means, regular bed and wake up times, chores, school work, etc! Even though I love the times throughout the year that we break from our "norm", there is that nice feeling of comfort to get back to the familiar. 
This January will start many new educational adventures for us, myself included. I have started my last semester to complete my AS degree, Yay! I am taking Anatomy & Physiology 2 and a Computer course ( However, I really do not think I need the computer course, but it is required. I am hoping it will be somewhat easy, since I know so much about the programs already). 
 As far as my children's education, we will continue on with reinforcing Phonemic Awareness with my youngest as it is a critical Pre-Reading Skill. Our goal over the next several months is to allow him to begin to learn how to read. He is very excited about this!  My oldest is going to be continuing her reading.
So, what exactly will our homeschooling look like this year? Well, we will be doing Co-op on Thursday's, kids are really looking forward to this. On Monday's, Tuesday's, and Friday's we will be using Time4Learning Curriculum as our core with some work books (school zone) I bought at walmart for some extra seat work.
For History we will be reading, Story of the World.
We also love  Unit studies! I sometimes create them myself, but also buy them from Amanda Bennett and/or Currclick. In addition, we do Arts and Crafts courtesy of our local Library. Other things we will be doing are Flash cards, learning games (online and off) , and of course Bible lessons ;) On Wednesday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's there will be no school work. The kids also have a Park day once a week, singing/piano lessons and soon it will be soft/base ball season again.
How do I keep everything running smoothly ? I made an organiser! I print out everyone a schedule that I made off of  chart jungle. This is very helpful because I can look at my schedule and know when I have to be on campus, or do homework, or when it is my time to do a school lesson with my kids. My husband really like this too. It makes it much easier for him to know what days and times he is in charge of schooling the children or when it is time to do laundry, etc. The kids also love this because each morning they get up and can look at the day and know what chores they have for that day to do and what is expected out of them and at what time for their school lessons, etc, etc, etc.
I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Until Next time...

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Kat said...

Great post! I am going to check out Chart Jungle right now...during Jan and Feb, I work out of the home. I could use some help with making sure the kids (and myself!) stay organized during those chaotic couple of months. :)

Thanks for sharing!