Saturday, February 23, 2013

Smart Phone a Smart Buy?

I love my Smart Phone! If you have one yourself, then you know exactly why I love it so much!

I still remember when I did not own one (Feels like forever ago). I used to think what was the big deal? I even remember thinking, "Wow! $30 more a month just to use a phone" and " How much for a Phone!!!". In fact, when my mom got one before me ((blush)), I gave her some grief about the extra money she spent on it, as it isn't exactly a cheap devise to own.

So, how did someone like myself, with that frugal mindset, become a Smart Phone owner. Well, my mom loves to get the newest gadgets out. So, when a newer version of the Smart Phone she owned came out, she upgraded and then generously gave me her original (It was  less than a year old). It was the best gift she ever gave me!  I of course ate my words and apologized to my mom for thinking she was being frivolous. Looking back, I can not believe I went so long with out one. It really is so nice not to have to carry a camcorder, camera, TV, radio, GPS or I pad/computer where ever I go,  because it is all built in to my Phone. Needless to say, I will never go back to a reg. phone ;)

 My top 5 reasons I love my phone!

1. I never miss a photo because I forgot my camera.


2. I never miss videoing my family's special moments anymore.


3. Before I would have to write out my directions before going off, or call business or friends to get to where I needed to go, but now with built in GPS I can just speak my destination and it helps me to never get lost.


4. When I am on the go in the car all day and the kids are board they can just play games on my phone (Music games, Sports games, Solitaire, etc.). They can even access their Online curriculum (Time4Learning). This makes keeping up with their Homeschooling school work so much easier when we are busy or traveling.


5. Other entertainment perks that I use regularly are listening to music, surfing the web, playing games myself and watching HBO and Netflix.


So, if you were wondering if a Smart phone is a Smart buy? Well, IMO It is!

But Please Always be Sure to always   <~~~~<~~~<~~~~~<~~~~~<~~~~~

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Kat said...

I'm a gadget junkie, so I usually get a new phone about once a year (we play musical phones...the hubs will get my most recent "old" phone, my oldest will get my hubs' phone, my youngest will get my oldest's). While I love my iPad, I do *everything* from my smart phone. I bank and pay bills, I read, it's my calendar - of which I wouldn't even remember what day it is without, lol. I think I even text more than my 13 year old. :D

Thanks for sharing! :)