Friday, September 28, 2012

Fill in the Blank

I joined a Homeschooling ... - ....!  <~fill in the blank

Any guesses? Anyone?! Okay, Okay I'll tell you lol :)  I joined a Homeschooling Co-op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I have started going back to school (College) on campus for my most recent class, we have been staying in one area. So, this has given me the ability to really get involved in the local homeschooling community in this area. I decided that even though I won't be here next year, that it did not mean I should not allow my children to enjoy the local Co-op's. We started yesterday! They had it at a local church and it was wonderful! All the people were so nice and they had different groups for the different age levels. It lasted for a couple of hours and then afterwards they all went outside to eat lunch and let the children play. We all really enjoyed it!
 So, my advice to all of you is to check out your area's local homeschooling groups. See who gets together and where. Even if your only going to be there in that area a short while don't think you can't get involved. Just join and make those lifelong memories  ;)

Until next time....

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