Friday, September 14, 2012

Lazy Day!

Today has been such a Lazy, Lazy, did I say Lazy? Homeschooling day for me... Thank Goodness for educational videos!!!!  If it were not for them, on days like today, my kids would not learn anything.  For me today I am just feeling a little off. I have super anxiety ( my mom is having surgery today) and I just can not concentrate. So, I decided to give myself some much needed "Blog Therapy".

What else has been on my mind today? Fall! I can not believe Summer is almost over. Feels like it just began. Last night I was outside and dare I say it, but yep! It felt a lil chilly. Not cold chilly, but you could feel a definite difference. Part of me is looking forward to pants and sweaters and all of those Holidays. In fact I bought a Halloween decoration today (From Avon) It is the table top Haunted house for $25. So cool! In my small space I have to be careful, but this was perfect :)

Anyways, I guess I am gonna end here for now. Until next time...

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