Friday, January 13, 2012

So glad it's Friday!!!

 Whew! I can not believe that this week is finally over! So glad it is Friday!!!!!!! I an not like new semester schedule  :(   See, I Realllllly wanted to take a certain professors math class. Unfortunately, he only teaches it at night. This leave me with like  4 hours to kill in between classes. My 1st class is at 10am and I am not out of my last till 8pm Yawn! isn't the word for it, but his class is worth it ;) I just wish I liked my other teachers half as much....

So Anyways, this past week my  daughter has been  studying synonyms and antonyms. I thought that the timing of that lesson was a little weird . See, yesterday I got my 1st essay assignment. I must write about  total opposites aka Antonyms!!!!  LOL!  My professor did give us a few examples to write about, Skinny vs Fat. Men vs women. Rich vs poor. etc etc etc

Well, she over heard me and my hubby talking about my class assignment. She was like, "mommy you can play those synonym games and antonym games you had me playing if you need help with your homework". ((love)) She is so precious, when she is trying to be helpful <3

So, I guess I am gonna be a good role model student and end here and get back to my homework ;)
Good Night Everyone...

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