Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012 Baby!

   Happy 2012 Everyone! Can you believe it?! Seems like just yesterday it was 2011, O'wait it was lol ;-)  Seriously, this past year has defiantly held some changes for my family. In April of 2011, we lost our home. Thankfully we were blessed with the opportunity to own a Travel trailer that was big enough to accommodate our family of 4. It wasn't the square footage we were used to, but it was a home that was ours. We have traveled quite a bit over this past year, but we recently decided to stop for a bit so that I could begin my next Big change of 2011, Becoming a college student!!! Yes, if you didn't already know it, I am working on my degree. I have already completed one semester already whew! I will admit that being out of the school scene for soooooo long (not including homeschooling~> I am only up to 4th grade with my oldest) ((blush))  has made it a little more of a challenge then I had anticipated (college Algebra Yuck! ) but math games do help ;-) 
The kids have really  loved our roadschooling adventure however. They love being able to pull up at moments notice, even if it's just for a day or two. In fact one of the other Big things we did in 2011 was taking our very first Disney vacation! I had always wanted to do this Florida milestone, but have not had a chance to take my kids yet. Of course with my oldest turning 10yrs old, I knew it was now or never. So we decided to make it happen for her Birthday. It was so nice to be able to hook up our home on wheels and spend a few days in the Magic Kingdoms (Thank you Fl. Year pass ) .
 As much as I would love to leave this year on a good note, I can not. Unfortunately before this year could come to an end, we had a death in the family. My Grandfather passed away, Dec 23,2011. It is still painful to talk about, but he will always be in my thoughts & heart.
So, what's my New Year's Resolution?

To always remember to be Thankful, not to take anything or anyone for granted and just Live!

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