Saturday, January 7, 2012

School is in!

Well everyone in our house is officially back to school. Yes, including me. I had my first day back last Thursday. I must admit I was taken back by one of my classes, public speaking. I really thought this was going to be easy. Sigh! I just will leave it with God, I know he will help me through any hurdles. So, like I was saying I am not the only one getting back into the swing of things. My kids have been back full swing this week. My oldest got a new lap top for Christmas and I must admit the gift was not 100% selfless lol! One computer for 3 people to use is not fun. It was so nice to get both kids online to do their school work at the same time. My  youngest has been really  enjoying the kindergarten games, he was like "mommy that was fun!" :-)  Of course with the start of the new year also means I must make sure I have all of last year's information together for our homeschool portfolios. I still can not believe it is already 2012. It won't be long till this school year is over, time sure can fly by fast can't it?!

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