Sunday, September 18, 2011

Teaching Sound-alike words

So as we all know sound-alike words, also known as homophones, can cause confusion. I still remember the "huh" feeling as a child when I would hear people say a word in a different way or see a words spelled completely different with different meanings but, they would sound the same. This really make the job of "home-school" teacher that much harder when it come to teaching children to read and write IMO : /

Thankfully I have this wonderful Free homeschooling site I use for all of my spelling needs called  ~>
                                                       Spelling City!!

They offer word list per grade:

1st - 3rd Grade Sound Alike Words: ad, add, ail, ale, arc, ark, bait, bate, bare, bear, be, bee, blew, blue, but, butt, buy, by, dear, deer, dew, due, fair, fare, feat, feet, hair, hare, I, eye, in, inn, its, it's, leak, leek, meat, meet, nob, knob, nose, knows, oar, hour, or, our, pail, pail, pair, pale, pale, peak, peak, lie, lye, mail, male, pare, pear, read, red, sail, sale, seam, seem, see, sea, soar, sore, son, sun, tail, tale, tea, tee, to, too, two, weak, week, one, won, wrap, rap

4th - 6th Grade Sound Alike Words: accept, except, knot, not, marry, merry, alright, all right, affect, effect, allowed, aloud, away, aweigh, aisle, I'll, fore, four, lean, lien, loan, lone, loot, lute, shear, sheer, sink, synch, air, heir, scene, seen, lair, lyre, sign, sine, flair, flare, flea, flee, stair, stare, flour, flower, sweet, suite, bite, byte, boar, bore, board, bored, nay, neigh, tear, tier, bough, bow, threw, through, throes, throws, throne, thrown, thyme, time, peer, pier, praise, prays, preys, rain, reign, rein, plain, plane, wail, whale, waist, waste, cent, scent, sent, cheap, cheep, ware, wear, where, we're, were, real, reel, which, witch, rays, raise, rote, wrote, who's, whose, ring, wring, whine, wine

High School Sound Alike Words: accent, assent, ascent, excess, access, leak, leek, elude, allude. Aid, aide, mall, maul, muscle, mussel, real, reel, karat, carrot, discreet, discrete, license, license, slay, sleigh, altar, alter, faint, feint, satire, satyr, marshal, martial, baron, barren, beach, beech, medal, meddle, storey, story, berth, birth, moose, mousse, muscle, mussel, braise, brays, pause, paws, pores, pours, palette, pallet, naval, navel, boarder, border, gorilla, guerilla, calendar, calendar, canvas, canvass, he'd, heed, cereal, serial, principal, principle, coarse, course, whether, weather, complement, compliment, retch, wretch, council, counsel, desert, dessert, currant, current, annual, annul, accept, except, knead, need, leased, least, site, sight, addition, edition, accede, exceed, advice, advise, heard, herd

This is just a small taste of what this site has to offer :-)

Happy Homeschooling Everyone!


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