Thursday, July 28, 2011

I was Blown away

So, I recently met a home school family with  6 children. I am so blown away by this family, Thier oldest 4 children are already in college with the youngest 16 yrs. The whole family is Super smart! I my self am currently struggling to re-learn algebra, Kinda embarrassing seeing as their 16 year old is already doing College Calculus!!

I want that for my children thou. I want them to go past average and be those Super Smart kids, So I know I need to step my game up. I have been thinking about adding a extra day of learning every now and then,signing up them up for some SAT writing courses eventually & maybe even hiring a tutor from time to time to help in my weak areas. I want to give them the Brightest future I can. I chose homeschooling, for my children so that I could offer them that.

I am not worried thou, I know that with a little effort and encouragement , My kids are going to be blowing other family's minds one day too ! ;O)

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