Sunday, August 7, 2011

Secular home school curriculum vs. Christian home school curriculum

Secular home school curriculum VS. Christian home school curriculum? This a question that many home school mom's face. Do you go with a program just because it is faith based, or do you go with one that isn't ?
In the beginning, I struggled with this in my own curriculum decision. I soon learned that even thou in a perfect world, if you were Christian, that the school curriculum you provided for your children would incorporate one's faith in the learning. This is my advice as one Christian home school mom to another. If you find a curriculum that is secular, do not dismiss it, because you can provide the Christian influence in yourself. You can also buy just  the Bible curriculum itself from quite a few top brand Christian based curriculum's fairly cheap to add to any secular curriculum's out there. With the new home school year fast approaching I wish you all Good luck in finding that perfect Home school Curriculum for your children!


Plum Wonderful Momma said...

Thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading your blog as well! Our family is thinking about going down the homeschool path too!

Plum Wonderful Momma said...

Well I got your confused with someone else! Sorry!! But I do look forward to reading your blog! ;)