Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love my kids, Love being A Mom!

My Kids......

I Just love the age 4! It is such a Fun loving Curious age wouldn't you agree?

My son is awesome, whether he decides to make a beetle his pet for the day, feeding a ant pile or Unscramble a puzzles, playing dinos in the tub, informing me of shapes he sees while we are out and about I just can't get enough :)

Now I also am starting to gain a new type of love for my oldest as well, she is almost 10yrs old. She is no longer a lil kid yet not grown up yet. She is starting to primp more, wanting to shop and have cute hair. It is really fun for me to be able to hang out with her and do girly stuff & Bigger kid activities. Recently I dug out my old super Nintendo and and we had a Blast playing games together.

I Just Love being a Mom! 

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