Friday, March 25, 2011


I am sure that I am not the only home-school parent or parent period, who has thought about hiring a tutor for thier child at one time or another. Just like adults children are not perfect and from time to time they need that extra help to reach thier full potential. As the school year is ending for most, I always like to take this time to see if my kids need any extra help or review on any areas. Even thou we school year round I like to take the spring time to break and review and then use the summer to address any areas that need more attention.
I know most of us can not afford to hire someone, I am no different that's why I like tutoring online and getting family members to pitch in from time to time. From what I have gathered so far, I need to have my daughter practice her reading more and my son seems to be doing good in all subjects for his grade level. Who knows maybe this summer will be a vacation even for us year rounders ;)

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