Sunday, March 13, 2011

Online games & Grammar

When your kids are just starting out in school, teaching them is always so much fun. I remember when my son used to get on the computer and play those preschool games online, Even thou he is "officially" a Kindergartner he still like to get on and play those games, sometimes for hours LOL ;)

Of course they get older, I have a 9 year old as well and the school work for her is getting harder and more time consuming but, I do try to make things easier and as much fun for us all the best I can.

Even thou I school year round I have been trying to ease up a bit here lately because of our wonderful spring type weather we have been having. The kids have really been enjoying being outdoors and enjoying nature :) So I have just been focusing with my oldest with her Grammar ( she is taking a online grammar course ) I am just so very glad that I am home-schooling in the age of Computers! ;)

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