Thursday, March 17, 2011

outdoors time

I love the months of  March, April, May in Florida . Such wonderful breezy warm but not too Hot weather .
I am dreaming of the Beach, laying out on a towel soaking up some rays sigh..... soon I hope! B-)
Even thou I have not made it to the Beach yet this year, we have been having alot of outdoor time lately. Honestly today has been a 1st in the past week that I have actually stayed home. Just hard to stay cooped up when the weather is so nice out. I have been taking the kids on nature walks and bike ride at our local State Park & getting together with my home-school moms and let the kids play at the playground while we Yes! relax lol.
 Even thou we have not done much school work I think that sometimes the best learning comes from just getting out and exploring this world ;)
~> Thanking how Thankful I am that Spring & Summer are here!
( of course by August I will probably be begging for Fall LOL! )

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