Thursday, May 22, 2014

May is National Inventors Month

The time we live in is amazing! We live in such a technology advanced world. It is so interesting to think what the world was like at different times, compared to now; from medicine, clothing, electrical power and energy, the world has defiantly changed dramatically.

With May being National Inventors Month, we have been learning this week about some of the more famous inventors throughout history. We have also been discussing what inventions we are most grateful for. TV, Video Games, and the Telephone were on my children's lists, that for sure. It has also been fun to hear the kids imagine what life would be like with out their TV, or video games, and telephone. It was even more fun to let them imagine all the things their kids or grandkids would have, that they don't today.

 The truth is, the world is changing everyday, who knows what it will be like tomorrow (;

                                                         Until Next Time...

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Katie Shuler said...

We love talking about what inventions we are grateful for...modern medicine and the Internet are always at the top of the list. :D