Friday, April 18, 2014

Is there Art, in your Home-school?

When you think about homeschooling and your picking out your homeschool curriculum choices, you know that you need to have math, history, language, etc., but what about art? Many times, art is one of those forgotten area of study. Even though, it isn’t part of reading, writing, & arithmetic, it is still important. It is important because art isn’t just about drawing, painting, etc. It teaches your child to explore their inner creativity. It also teaches your child about the history, the past artist that has influenced art throughout time; past, present, and future. So, if you do not have an art curriculum for your child or not ready to start anything too formal, but want to make art part of their regular studies, you can easily do this by simply choosing a famous artist and learning about them. Google their works of art, take trips to art museums, play art games, and of course create art ;)

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