Thursday, April 10, 2014

Helpful Home-School Apps

I have a Great home-schooling tool to share with you all today called PuffinAcademy! It is an amazing free app, that will allow your child to use their online educational programs, on a tablet or/& smart phone devices. To use this app, is pretty easy. All you would need to do, is download the FREE Puffin Academy app (not to be confused with any other versions of Puffin), into your devices. Then, once you have the app downloaded, all you would have to do is search/select the program you want to use.

This app is exciting for me because my children's home-school curriculum is online. In the past, my kids had to be on our laptop to do their school work. Now, with this app, they no longer have to take turns using the computer. One can use the computer and the other can use the tablet. In fact, at this very moment, my oldest is playing multiplication games on her tablet ;)

Also, I can have them work on their lesson, even away from home. With this app your kids can now easily do their schoolwork at home or on the go. So convenient & easy to use!

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