Saturday, August 17, 2013

Learning isn't just for kids

Recently, we had our year-end Homeschool Evaluations. (In our State, we are required to either have our children tested or have a Teacher provide an evaluation.) Anyways, my kids passed with Flying colors, which is always Awesome! However, even though this always puts a smile on my face and theirs too, the best part of these meetings for me, is the ideas that are given to me to try from the Evaluator.

For example, I have been assigning a lot of Writing assignments to my oldest. Since I have taken an English Comp. class in the past myself at the local College, I was grading her papers as if I was proof reading my own (I of course, gave her age appropriate, writing assignments to complete). The advice she gave me, was to just focus on one area of critique, at a time. Check for spelling only on one paper and maybe punctuation the next. Then later on, I can always take out her older papers and check them for other areas too. This is an idea, I would have never thought to do. I thought if I let anything that was incorrect go, then I would be teaching her the wrong way to write. The way she explained it to me was, that by focusing on one area only, it will be easier for her to focus and learn.

Another suggestion she offered up, was to just be flexible. If she needs to improve on any Subject, then instead of more boring worksheets, allow her to  Play free games online.
This idea was not new to me, as I am always open to learning while having Fun. The next suggestion she gave, however, did surprise me a bit. She advised me, to let her do some lower grade level work (Third grade games, fourth grade games, etc.) as it will give her confidence and reinforce what she has already learned.

 Do you have any homeschooling suggestions? Please feel free to share them!

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Kat said...

That's neat tip about the lower level grade work to reinforce and give confidence. I've thought about that before! :)