Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Time for...

It is that time of year again, the time where most Homeschooling family's, once again start their School year. 
For our family, we never really stop. We choose to Homeschool year-round, breaking when we feel is best. Still, when August comes around, we still do many of the things other Homeschool family's do. For example, we stock up on school supplies, buy new clothes, re- evaluate our Curriculum, plan field trips, etc.

This year we have decided to continue to use Time4Learning for our core curriculum. We have been using them for almost 5 years now and we really like it. Since T4L just expanded on their pre-k- 8th Grade program, to included High School Courses, I have a feeling we will be using them for many, many more years to come ;)

We have also decided to take advantage of SpellingCity's "Back-to-School" promotion and upgrade our Free account to a Free month of the Premium Version. We already love the free version ~> spelling lists, games, vocabulary test, etc. and I am looking forward to what the premium version will offer.

We also will be finishing up our study on the Presidents, and the History of our Country ( we are now on the Civil War ).

For my youngest, who will be going into the 1st grade soon. We will continue with the flash cards, educational games ( Old Maid "learn your letter card game", word picture puzzles, etc. )

My oldest, will continue work on her reading. She wants to see how many books she can read in one year. So, far this month she is on book number 2!!!  Hard to believe that she was a late reader ;)

We are also going to be part of our local 4-H, and my oldest is going to be taking a Drama Class and both of my kids will be participating in a local Co-op this Fall. I am sure there will be loads of learning opportunity's for them there,  as well as opportunities for making friends.

As with any Homeschool year, I am sure there will be things added, tweaked, etc.

Unit next time...

Happy Homeschooling :)


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