Friday, June 7, 2013

What is a Homeschooler?

For those persons are uneducated about Homeschooling, they may have a stereotype of who they may think a Homeschooler is. Some of the pre-conceived notion's may be anywhere from thinking that everyone wears long dresses with their hair in a bun, or that they are doing so because of their Faith. That all homeschooler's use Christian based Curriculums, ect. With so many Secular Curriculum's available, we know that is not true. I think the one that amuses me the most is the idea that all homeschoolers are not socialized. Truth be told, I think the majority of Homeschooler's are even more socialized than children who attend a public school.

No matter what you have heard or what people may be saying, Homeschooler's are all different and all have their own reasons for choosing this path. Yes, there are some who wear long dresses and do so because of their Faith. There are also those that  choose only to use Christian Curriculums, but there are also those who use Secular Curriculum or No Curriculum. There are families that homeschool because they want a more one on one approach for their child. Or maybe because they love to travel(Roadschooling ), or because of a job that requires travel. Military Homeschoolers for example.
The point is, that we all have our reasons, but what we have in common in that we choose this path because we feel it is what is best for our children. So, for those of you who are thinking about Homeschooling, but are unsure because of the "rumors". Educate yourself! Talk to other people who homeschool ( Tons of groups, Blogs, and forums out there). Don't worry about what other's may think or living up to a stereotype. One of the perks of Homeschooling is the Freedom to do things your way ;)

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Kat said...

Loved this post! I agree...regardless of HOW we homeschool, most of us have the same WHY. I love that I don't fit in to any one style or method. I get to explore many different ways to help my boys learn. :)