Friday, June 14, 2013



Yes! Math can make the calmest, most sophisticated person's hair stand on end. Well, that is unless you are one of those lucky, lucky people who are blessed with the ability to learn and understand Math easily. However, for those of us who are not, Math anxiety is very common feeling to have.

My children always wonder why I make them practice their Math. Not just new things we are learning, but things we have already gone over as well. I know from personal experience, that if you don't use it, you can lose it! So, it is always good to keep up your Math skills. If you forget how to add. for instants, how can you learn to Subtract? If you forget how to do your Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, etc. how will you move on and learn Algebra?  Ect. Ect. Ect. !

Whether you have just begun your " Homeschooling" Math Journey, have are already started an online Algebra program, or beyond. Math is important! ~> Love it or Hate it, it's not going any where. Math is a part of our daily lives and part of our education. The good news is of course, depending on your or your children's future career goals, it doesn't take too terribly long to learn what is needed. So, if you are like me, and have a harder time learning Math(or have children like me), just remember it will be over one day. Patience is a Virtue ;)

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Kat said...

My husband us a writer by profession. He does writing and editing for others as a career, but he's also a published author in his own right. Having said that...math is NOT his thing, lol. Unfortunately, his math anxiety was projected onto our boys before we even knew it was happening. :( Took several years to really get past the "oh my gosh, math is awful and we haaaaaaate it" phase, but we finally did manage. :)

Thanks for sharing!