Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope Everyone is having a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!
    Yesterday, we managed to make
our way to my brother's new home, all the way in Southern Florida.
 It had been several years since we had all been able to come together and it
 was long overdue mini family reunion. We all enjoyed visiting together :)
 We spent the day catching up, grilling out, playing horse shoes,
and other games.
 Today, on the other hand, I have spent most of the day
on my couch relaxing and recovering from yesterday, lol. I am so very sore from all that
horse shoe throwing ((Blush)). Guess, my age or lack of muscle is showing ;)
Tomorrow, I am not to sure what I will be doing. I am thinking maybe a Beach day?

On the Homeschool front:

Do you tend to focus most of your energy on English & Math? Social Studies & Science activities are also important to incorporate in day to day learning.
 I know for my daughter, Social Studies is her favorite Subject. 
Social Studies Games, Unit studies, etc.
 are good ways to teach these Subjects.
Until Next Time...



Kat said...

Yay for family reunions, even if they are "mini!" :D

My boys would be ecstatic if we disregarded language arts and math altogether, and ONLY focused on science and social studies, lol. Since that's obviously not possible, we do spend a lot more time during the summer months on those favorite subjects. :)


Sennie said...

Are you in Florida, also? We are headed north for the summer, but will return to Florida this fall.
Thanks for visiting my blog!