Sunday, April 14, 2013

They say the Best things in Life are Free and I couldn't agree more!

This concept in my life also applies to Homeschooling. There just nothing better than finding those Freebies that are O' so helpful :)
Recently, I have been getting ready for the New School Year to be ( hard to believe it is already April!). I know for some of you, you are looking forward to a nice Summer Vaca, but in our family, we choose to school year round. During the Summer time is when we start wrapping up, reviewing, and getting ready for the next Grade year.


No matter whether or not you also school year-round, when it is time to wrap up "your" current year  and prepare for your next year, make sure you take the time to review your current curriculum and Homeschooling system, method, etc. Questions you should ask yourself is, is it still working for you and your children? Does anything need to be added or changed, etc? If you are not already apart of a local Homeschooling group/ co-op and want to be, this would be the time to look into finding one in your area. If you live where there isn't one, again this would be the time to decide if creating one yourself, is what you would want to do.
 In addition,  if you enjoy Unit Studies like we do, then choosing at least a couple of topics ahead of time is a good idea ( whether you put them together yourself or buy them pre-made, there is still some prep needed). Then there is printing out any printable games, printable flashcards, printable worksheets, etc. ahead of time. This really does make your day to day school-day flow much smoother.

Last, but not least, buying those school supply's : paper, pencils, markers, printer ink, etc. I personally try and wait till Tax Free time and stock up for the year. It is a big money saver! ( if your state doe not offer this, but you live close to another state, check and see if the neighboring state has the Tax Free Program. It may be worth the drive ;)

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Anonymous said...

We are big on saving money, so tax free time is a must in our house!